Wedding Ceremony

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What can we provide?

We can legally provide all kinds of wedding preparation according to your belief (religion), civil administration form, to help you determine the best accommodation and your partner, your guests, necessary transportation along the preparation, and also a special transportation for your wedding and your guests, bridal and make up, wedding dress and suite, decoration, photographic documentation or video, staging, fire dance, tents, MC, entertainment talents such as balinesse dancer, modern dancer, magician, Balinese music (gamelan music, rindik music), local music group, international music group, DJ, and many other things you desire all in one package. Therefore, we enclose a blank form to fill, where you can choose a various option on it, and automatically will be sent to our email address that we will reply accordingly.

A Christian Wedding

The leader of the religion of the Christian way is called a Pastor; therefore Pastor will come to the venue you decide to bless your wedding ceremony. A Christian wedding is very easy, after the blessing you will receive the marital certificate from the protestant church in Bali. Right after the blessing ceremony we will proceed to signing process of the marital certificates from the civil ministry which is written in English, these two certificates will be considered legal as well as in your country.

A Buddhism Wedding

The person who leads the wedding ceremony in Buddhism is called a monk and usually a monk doesn't want to come to the venue to proceed the ceremony referred to the Buddhist regulation society called Walubi. The wedding ceremony will be held at Vihara (a Budhist temple) which is already organized and our Batik Bali wedding will help providing the entire requirement to precede the ceremony in Vihara, and certainly you will receive your marital certificate from the Vihara in Bali after the ceremony finishes. The next step is to hold a civil wedding ceremony of the government, and after the ceremony you will as well receive the legal marital certificate from the civil ministry that is valid in your country as well, both certificates will be written in English.

A Catholic Wedding

In catholic wedding the leader of the ceremony is called Romo (use to call the blessing priest in Catholic Church in Indonesia). For the one who does a catholic wedding ceremony will require a few additional conditions according to the provision of catholic church, there are things to concern that the bride and the groom must be real singles and never get married before, yet if one of the couple had a different religion before. Meanwhile if you are a widow or widower, you have to legally posses a death certificate from your previous partner from your government. The bride and groom have to a have a catholic marriage course in the current city and country, usually this type of course could take 3 to 6 months based on the local Catholic Church provision. If the course is finished and if the wedding is not going to be held in the same country then you have to enclose a recommendation letter to hold a wedding in the other Catholic Church of the other country. Canon or Canonic has to be passed by the groom and the bride to be blessed in Catholic. Canon or Canonic is an investigation commissioned by the Church upon the bride and the groom. It is usually held in your city or country. If the canon and canonic is done, you have to enclose along with the recommendation letter which you will bring to the country you are willing to have a Catholic blessing ceremony. The Catholic Church has a tight blessing schedule you have to carefully pay attention, that if you get married on Saturday, you can only come to the church by day (noon), if its on Sunday, then the church will not allow a Romo to do the blessing, and the church will also not allow a Romo to be out of the church to bless a wedding. The bride and The groom have to come directly to the church if they want to get married in Catholic way on the schedule arranged by the Romo.

A Bali Hindu Blessing Wedding

A wedding blessed according to Hindu bali for the one who desires is a special wedding that will give you an unforgettable moment of your life. The blessing led by Mangku will be held traditionally equipped in Balinese traditional clothes. We can say that this wedding is not merely a legal wedding but you can choose even if you are not Hindu and it doesn't require special papers for the wedding and also not from the civil ministry. In this wedding a Mangku has an important role to lead the blessing ceremony from the start until the end. The Balinese music called Rindik will play along the ceremony performed in classical Balinese gamelan;floral fresh flowers are poured within the ceremony area to add a classical ritual atmosphere which tag along the prayers for you and your partner that implies good deeds and hopes. If you wish to celebrate the ceremony this way we will combine with the package you desire.

Wedding (marriage) by commitment

This type of marriage is designed for you who want to declare a commitment upon your partner. You do not need special papers from any Religion Department and any government; however Batik Bali Wedding can provide you the marital certificate for you and your partner. This is not a legal marriage/wedding as well and this is said to be a new style of wedding for some people who want to marry instantly or quick. This is also a romantic wedding because you can determine the best place and the number of guests as a witness of your incredibly perfect romantic moment. A wedding with a beautiful scenery of the sunset, a unique rice field and a charming garden decorated with fresh flowers, a beautifully decorated gate of marriage, gorgeous lanterns, acoustic music and so on which you attain to complete your wedding vibration romantically.

You can choose a religious wedding according to your belief, and for all master (leader) of your wedding blessing ceremony, we can prepare a master and an assistant who speak decent English. Once again, for those who desire to attain a valid and legal papers (letters) issued by the government within the civil ministry requirement, you have to have a letter that implies your willingness to wed in Indonesia from your government and 10 copies of photo size 4x6 with the groom is on the right next to the bride. Processing the civil ministry papers will be charged 100 USD/net. We will provide you the form to order to your email address with various terms and condition enclosed for your satisfaction and your budget projection you desire. The scales of the wedding event whether it's small or big we will professionally adjust to satisfy and serve our best.